Technical note

       When 2D meets with 3D.

      “Toy Story” (Pixar 1995) released in Mid 90’s, opened a door new door for the history of 3D animation.
      That is the first of the instances that turned 2D animation, the representative technology in animation
      into one of the traditional technologies.

      Since then, these two techonologies, 2D and 3D kept making progress independently from each other.
      Of course, there were attempts to synthesize 3D and 2D.
      But the attempts ended up in failure for one reason or another.

      But we still found new possibilities in the process, which are very valuable lessons we learned 
      from the failure. From the outset, we tried to find out the way to combine these two technologies 
      into one harmonious animation.

      The roughness and texture of 2D, and the free angle camera for 3D are the basic element 
      that can be put together.

      This animation is the result of such combination in our attempt to create a new type of animation.

+ Animation 'Scale' Present Leeyongil Media LAB

       A neo-classic work, a semiotic story telling by use of typographs.

      Talking movies provided an important leap in the media, a transition from the silent movies.
      The communication in the media changed from subtitle or on-stage narration to formal verbal one and
      all the performances were in the form of legitimate drama.

      Talking movies made such a splendid debut, and they are sustained up to today.
      We live in the world, inundated with speech sounds.
      With such abundance in voice, it can no longer be attractive to us.

      This animation shows a new return to the traditional communication method shown in the silent film era.
       “Semiotic meaning transfer using typographs”

      This could be a fresh return with added designing elements to the traditional typographical communication 
      and I believe it may present an alternative of communication in the world flooded with oral sounds.

+ Animation 'Scale' Present Leeyongil Media LAB

       A journey for a new type of hybrid animation.

      There were two challenges in the process of making this animation.
      The first challenge is “novelty” as shown in the new production process using digital frameworks.
      The second one is “Time” or the reduction of work time, by exploiting the merits of digital tools.

      To that end, we had to understand the strengths of the tools and to study the compatibility 
      between those tools.

      As such the production of this animation is made on the basis of this new work process.
      Even after we finished the production, we found that the two challenges were not properly met.
      Laying out the new work process took more time than we expected, and the concept “novelty” 
      was not properly implemented.

      Despite these problems, we will continue our journey for the new type of hybrid animation.

+ Animation 'Scale' Present Leeyongil Media LAB

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