About dike

      Goddess of Justice

      Her name means “Justice,” or “Orthdox” in Greek. She was born between Zeus and Themis, 
      the Goddess of Law.

      Dike, the Goddess of Justice, with a sword in her right hand and a scale in her left hand was in 
      charge of judgment for mankind up until the beginning of Iron Age.

      Dike is often described as a blind or a blind-folded,
      which symbolizes the maintenance of fairness for just trials.

      Dike is also called Astraea or Justitia. Justitia means ‘justice” in the Latin language, 
      from which the English word “justice” came.

      Dike She represents a symbol for judiciary courts all over the world.

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     Grain  :  The former grain seller who became Dike
     Kim  :  They exchange sin for money
     Jung  :  The first victim of unfair judgment 
     Dike  :  Dike, the goddess of justice, who was disappointed by humans
     About Dike  :  About goddess of Justice ?
     Blind  :  “Their eyes are cleared!” A thundering cry to those who made themselves gods
     Friend 1,2  :  Kim’s friend carrying heavy load of sins
     Maestro  :  The grain seller became Dike

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