Dike, the goddess of justice, who was disappointed by humans.

      With the advent of Iron age, humans began to kill one another.
      Those humans disappointed Dike, the last goddess, so much that she finally left for her heaven.

      Now humans are left alone in the world.

     Dike or Justitia, the goddess of justice in the ancient Greek mythology.
     (Justitia means Justice in Latin, and the word justice came from her name.)

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     Grain  :  The former grain seller who became Dike
     Kim  :  They exchange sin for money
     Jung  :  The first victim of unfair judgment 
     Dike  :  Dike, the goddess of justice, who was disappointed by humans
     About Dike  :  About goddess of Justice ?
     Blind  :  “Their eyes are cleared!” A thundering cry to those who made themselves gods
     Friend 1,2  :  Kim’s friend carrying heavy load of sins
     Maestro  :  The grain seller became Dike

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