A story about men who became gods.

      Dike left, leaving the humans behind all by themselves.
      Now some among them should be judges and some others will be judged.
      Can human judgment be as just and complete as those of gods?

      This story starts with “the perfect judgment.”

      For a long time since dike left, humans have passed judgments on their own.
      Nobody can say that all the human judgments in different situations and 
      different environments are fair and just.
      This fable depicts the flawless humans who became gods, keeping absolute silence for the absurdity.

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      The distorted image of Dike holding a sword in his hand.

      Xiang Yang,” the politician and philosopher of Jin Dynasty, who advocated the “rule of law,” 
      faced a terrible death by the law he himself had made.

      How different are we from the 2,000 years ago?
      There are times throughout the history, when the rule of law was brought to the front.

      That might have been enforced due to the moral laxity on the part of the population or 
      might have been employed by the dictator for a tighter control over people.

      What is common in both cases is that it emerged stealthily when the people kept their silence.
      Another silence by the people will provoke Dike to take off her blindfold, throw off her scale and 
      show up before us with her distorted and angry face.

      What kind of image people today see in the portrait of Dike?

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      Human scales

      Not all the human judgments are fair and just.
      But at least the endless effort to near to the perfect fairness may draw support from many.
      By then and only then, we can trust their scale in the world which gods discarded.

      Alexis de Tocqueville, the French politician once said,
      “In every democracy, the people get the government they deserve.”

      His remark is applicable beyond the realm of democracy.
      Where do we stand and where is Dike and how she looks now?

+ Animation 'Scale' Present Leeyongil Media LAB

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