One day, Dike disappeared.

      The Goddess of justice who was in charge of making judgment for humans was gone.
      Those waiting for her judgments fell into confusion.

      The world without Dike…

      With so many judgment to be made, people finally went out to find her replacement.
      Can they find a new judge?

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      The story about an unfair trial by the grain seller who was turned into Dike.

      One day Jung and Kim came to see a grain seller.
      Seeing that the grain seller was holding a scale, Jung asked him to be their judge.

      In bewilderment, the grain seller found himself to be their judge.

      But he had fairly different judgment standards…
      What had become of their judgment?

+ Animation 'Scale' Present Leeyongil Media LAB

      Proclaiming “Not guilty” in the Guilt Court.

      The court which ruled “Guilty” because of the unreasonableness of the time or because of 
      being the socially week, that place is called “Guilt Court.”

      To some of us, this may be a short story that we can laugh off, while to others it 
      represents a bitter story, which we cannot easily laugh off.

      What would be the response of the contemporary people to this story?

+ Animation 'Scale' Present Leeyongil Media LAB

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