“Humor,” catharsis that punctures through the distorted society.

      Long ago, there were times when we were never allowed to say some taboo words 
      or to criticize   someone.
      In those times, our ancestor made up stories to spread, using jokes and humor to 
      disguise their criticism.

      The humorous stories bearing sarcasm toward their time served as an escape hatch and 
      as a Catharsis to those who could not make open criticism.

      Those stories were carried over to us by words of mouth in the form of folktales or the like.
      Now several centuries later from that time, we ask the same question to ourselves.
      Do we really have the freedom to make open criticism to the absurdity of our society?

      I am afraid nobody can give a definitely affirmative answer to this question.
      But at least there is one thing for sure.

       “We are living in an era in which we need humors and jokes again.”

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      Misfortunate media fail to create the Time Spirit.

      I did not like reading in my childhood, and I spent most of my time watching 
      black and white TV and later color TV.

      Naturally the time I spent on TV is way too much than the time I spend on books.
      In the course of time, I came to ask myself this question.

      There are some books, so called classics, valued throughout time, 
      but why don’t we have its counterpart in media?

      Of course one of the reasons may be the short history of the media.
      But more importantly, the media fails to reflect the Zeitgeist, as it is controlled by popularity rating 
      and it pays more attention to supports the capitalistic theory of promotion rather than to serve 
      as a voice for the week.

      Even as we are flooded with a variety of media, how much comfort and solace do we get from them,
      and how often do they raise their voice for us?

      Aren’t we the most unfortunate victims of the media, which fail to generate the spirit of time?

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       New fables of our time.

      What do the fables of our time look like?
      Those fables, far from being stories transmitted by words of mouth, are generated and 
      colored by digital technology.

      They can be heard any time any place, which is quite different from those folktales heard 
      only in market places and in village gatherings.

      They are the stories that breathe with the present time and are written by our language, 
      not by theirs.

      They are transmitted not from mouth to mouth but from hand to hand, maintaining 
      the persistence in their vividness.
      Perhaps these are the looks we may find in the fables in our present time with change 
      of clothing into digital signals.

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